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Welcome to KSEA South Texas,

KSEA South Texas Chapter was established in 1972, one year after KSEA Headquater was established. As one of oldest local chapters, we have more than 300 members registered around South Texas region including Houston, Galveston, and College Station. Our principal objective is to promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society. More specifically, we promote prosperity of the community of Korean American Scientists and Engineers in South Texas region.

We offer several events during each year. They are National Mathematics and Science Competition, Member Picnic, Seasonal Seminar with Golf outing, Young Professional Forum with KOEA, and Korean-American Bio-Medical Scientists Symposium. In addition, we host a number of events in our Student Chapters in Texas A&M and University of Houston, to help students to prepare their career and to develop their potential. One of them is the annual Global Leadership Seminar at Texas A&M in spring.

We will work with each of you to help you to achieve more in our chapter. KSEA South Texas is an open society. As such, we always value your input and your ideas. If you want to be an officer or take on a more active role in our chapter, please contact any of KSEA-ST officers.

Again, welcome to KSEA South Texas Chapter.

Former Chapter President
Kunho Kim (2009)

My Experience with KSEA...
I joined KSEA-ST Chapter almost 15 years ago. At that time, the chapter was more like a family gathering group sharing greetings and daily life events. We, mostly with spouse, gathered once a quarter and listened to the guest speaker's talk on variety subjects such as health, retirement plan, public speech, etc. We were family oriented and had good relationship among members and their families. The members came from many different fields; architects, engineers, teachers, medical doctors, students, etc.

Now the chapter's atmosphere is a little changed - member oriented than family oriented, more young members, and more professionalism, etc. However, the main spirit remains the same; (1) networking by sharing information on technical and personal experience and (2) encouraging the 2nd generation of Korean-Americans. Please remember that the KSEA-ST Chapter is the first chapter which started the academy contest in all states.

As a KSEA member, you will gain lots of experiences through other members, programs, and activities. Personally, I could meet lots of people from many different fields through KSEA organized conferences, forums, and other events. I believe that this extensive networking helps my professional career and achievement. Also, working as a KSEA volunteer makes myself pride and improves my social behavior. I hope you and I could improve our community and help our next generation to be a world leader.

Former Chapter President
Jaeyoung Lee (2002, 2004)

Former Chapter Presidents
Kwang-Gook Ko(72-73) Kwan-il Choi (74) Seung-Hee Jeon (75) Kun-Chee Youn (76)
Chang-Go Park (77-78) Jang-Woo Nam (78-79) Moon-Suk Huh (79-81) Sun-Jong Chung (81-82)
Chang-Sun Kim (82-83) Sung-Joo Lim (83-84) Sae-Man Yu (84-85) Dong-Min Kim (85-86)
Chun Huh (86-87) In-Sul Hyun (87-88) Chul-Sung Kim (88-89) Kwang-Woong Kim (89-90)
Yu-Taek Jeon (90-91) Tae-Yong Yang (91-93) Nak-Won Sung (93-94) Eu-Shin Kim (94-95)
Hung-Woong Chun (95-96) Ung-Hyun Kim (96-97) Kwang-Wook Choi (98-99) Sam Jae Cho (00-01)
Jaeyoung Lee (02) Hoon Park (03) Jaeyoung Lee (04) Sangsoo Ryu (05)
Jung Hyeob Roh (06-07) Dong-Hwan Lee (08) Kun Ho Kim (09) Sung Yun Jung (10)
Sukjoo Choi (11)
 The organization objectives are to

 Promote the application of science and technology for the general welfare of society.
 Foster international cooperation especially between the U.S. and Korea
 Help Korean-American Scientists and Engineers develop their full career potential
 To provide, in the areas of science, technology and entrepreneurship, opportunities for:

  International Cooperation
  Career Development
  Community Service
Reference Documentations
 If you want more history about KSEA, please read the articles below

 100 Year History of Technology Interchange between Korea and the United States and the Roll of KSEA, April, 1991
Membership Benefits
  Leadership development through committee activities and conference organization
You may participate in any of 14 Technical Groups and 10 Standing Committees. You may organize technical
sessions at the annual U.S.-Korea Conference on Science, Technology, and Entrepreneurship (UKC) or organize
a regional or local conference of your own.
  Development of broad professional foundation
KSEA is unique in that its members come from all fields of science and engineering. The UKC offers an excellent
opportunity to collaborate with other professionals who work in different fields.
  Networking with other Korean-American scientists and engineers
Join the Technical Groups and Committees, or come to the annual conference, UKC.
  You may use KSEA Office while in DC
If you need a temporary office while in DC, you may come to the KSEA Headquarters office. Nominal charges
may apply for office support or supplies.
  Participation in technical evaluation and consulting
KSEA will contact you when your expertise is sought after.
  Opportunities for community services
You may participate in community services and activities sponsored by your chapter.
  Information on professional opportunities in both the U.S. and Korea
Check "Positions Open" and "Positions Wanted" pages on the KSEA web site.
  Participation in Awards & Honors Programs
Are you interested in a Ho-Am Prize or our own KSEA Awards?
  Participation in career development opportunities
What would you like to learn? Come to the Annual Conference, UKC, to broaden your network and career
  Membership dues supporting your Chapters
Most of your dues go back to your local Chapters.

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